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Dwello Mortgages – April 2024 snapshot

Our monthly MRI (Mortgages Rate Index) includes Loan-To-Value Purchase and Loan-To-Value Remortgage so you can see the trends.

You will see daily headlines which may leave you confused and anxious – don’t be! Talk to us and let the dwello team discuss with you what you want, what your property dreams are and let us support you every step of the way.

Case study: Rohit Kumar

Rohit had been trying to remortgage his property for over a year.

He’d had a bad experience with a previous mortgage broker who simply couldn’t overcome any hurdles and provide the client with their needs.

He knew Nathan because he is an IT consultant and Nathan was a client of his, so he decided to move from the brokers he was using to Dwello and see if they could help instead.

UK housing market goes Dutch

UK housing market goes Dutch

We all like to hear good news and if that also includes saving money, then so much the better! The mortgage industry in the UK is about to be involved in something of a revolution and it could result in great deals for borrowers in Shropshire – but it means going Dutch!

Dwello Mortgages – December 2023 snapshot

As we head towards a mortgage price war between the banks, news of a Boxing Day boom of new properties on the market and an exciting year ahead, we share with you our monthly snapshot as we look back on December and look ahead as we find the right mortgage products for our clients…