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We all like to hear good news and if that also includes saving money, then so much the better! The mortgage industry in the UK is about to be involved in something of a revolution and it could result in great deals for borrowers in Shropshire – but it means going Dutch!

Lender April Mortgages has introduced a unique new type of mortgage in the Netherlands and its early successes are leading to an eagerly anticipated expansion over here in the spring, with our team at Dwello Mortgages believing the prospect will shake-up the UK market.

Our founder and principal mortgage adviser, Nathan Blissett, answers the burning questions about exactly what it all means:

Q: How does it work?

A: “April Mortgages has introduced new fixed-rate mortgages in which rates will automatically reduce as borrowers repay them – resulting in substantial savings for borrowers. It enables homeowners to secure cheaper interest rates within their fixed term deals depending on the LTV (Loan to Value) thresholds they may enter within the mortgage term.”

Q: When will it be available in the UK?

A: “This product will be available in the spring to home buyers and owners with a minimum of 15% deposit but there are plans to roll out the product to first-time buyers who put up 5% deposits.” 

Q: What is the time span of a mortgage?

A: “The mortgages will be available over fixed terms ranging from five to 15 years, but one of the innovations of the product will allow borrowers to move to lower interest rate bands automatically, meaning there is no need to remortgage.” 

Q: What about interest rates?

A: “There’s an initial interest rate of 4.99% when you take out this mortgage, with no charges made for early repayment – although application and completion fees do apply. April Mortgages says more than £5,000 could be saved by the borrower in interest if their Loan to Value ratio falls to 60% from 85% over a term of 15 years.” 

Q: What makes it special?

A: It could revolutionise the mortgage market and advice given to respective clients to adopt a more Financial Advisory role, which would have annual check ups to discuss the property market value and best options based on current life events.

Clients can also request valuations throughout their mortgage term to take advantage of market conditions where their house price may have increased in value allowing them to secure a cheaper interest rate based on their new LTV.”

Q: Do you think it is a good idea?

A: “The UK has traditionally favoured shorter-term mortgages but this April Mortgages product could signal a significant shift in our mortgage market. It seems very flexible with £0 Early Repayment Charges to exit to another lender, showing April has real confidence in this model of lending. 

“I would definitely welcome this product and the benefits definitely throw a spanner in the works of the generic products available on the market currently. It will be interesting to see if other lenders will follow suit.”

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