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We are all looking for a bargain – particularly at the moment when making savings and counting the pennies are all the more important.

The cost of a mortgage is at the top of the list for the people of Shropshire when it comes to balancing the books, so we are sure that you will be looking for any ideas that can help ease that already overstretched budget.

Customer first policy

We know just how difficult it can be to have complete faith in anyone when it comes to looking after your hard-earned money but Telford-based Dwello Mortgages is building a proud reputation of honesty, transparency and excellent customer service. We always put the customers first by striving to obtain the best deal possible.

With that very much at the forefront of our minds, we have put together a to-do list aimed at helping the people of Shropshire save money on their mortgage – tips and tricks of the trade you might say that have been carefully crafted for your benefit.

  1. Keep a watching brief – Check the terms of your current mortgage and keep an ongoing watch on interest rates. This could open up the possibility of refinancing if the rates have dropped since taking out your mortgage and result in quite a saving in the long term.
  1. Give yourself some credit – Try to improve your credit rating. A higher credit score can lead to a more encouraging rate of interest from lenders. We know it is difficult but reducing credit commitments, endeavouring to pay bills on time and paying off debts will likely lead to positive dividends when it comes to a mortgage application.
  1. Make a higher up-front payment – Making a bigger down-payment at the outset of buying your home may well mean borrowing less overall. This also has the knock-on effect of lower repayments and a more favourable rate of interest.
  1. Increase the level of repayments – You will be in a better position to reduce the total interest on your mortgage, allowing you to pay the mortgage off sooner, if you opt to make regular additional payments.
  1. Shorter loan term – If you have done your sums and think it is possible, opt for a shorter term of repayments. It is going to mean paying more on each repayment and you must be certain that it is the right option for you but the benefits are there long term with some potential significant savings to be made.
  1. Switch from monthly payments – Most of us make our repayments monthly but it may be possible for you to switch to a system where you make your payments every two weeks. It can mean that you will be making one extra payment annually, which again will have the long-term benefit of your mortgage being paid off early.
  1. Shop around – Fees can be crippling and can easily get out of hand unless you remain vigilant. Ensure you are aware of what you need to pay and what you don’t and enter into negotiations with lenders with a view to getting the best deal for you – limiting or even eliminating some fees altogether. 
  1. Be smart with insurance – You shop around for other insurance deals so make sure you do the same with homeowner insurance. You know the form. Compare quotes, don’t just go for the first one, then choose the deal that’s best for you.
  1. Keep your home in a good state of repair – It’s easy to let things slide but regularly maintaining your home can prevent further, more serious and costly repairs further down the line. It might just help you keep overall costs down. 
  1.  Get a professional on your team – Refinancing or getting a mortgage for the first time is a major undertaking and one not to be taken lightly. Getting professional guidance is of the utmost importance when dealing with your finances, so join the many Shropshire residents who have Dwello Mortgages in their corner – because obtaining the right deals for satisfied customers is what we do best!

Call or email Nathan Blissett, principal mortgage adviser and Dwello founder, today to book your no obligation call at and 07714 597 081

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